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Pressure Washing FAQ

Q. How often do I need to schedule power washing?

  • The frequency with which your home may need power washing depends on several factors, including the type of surface and the amount of sunlight exposure the surface gets. Typically, an annual power washing is appropriate but may need to be scheduled more often.

Q. What's the difference between power washing and soft washing?

  • Soft washing, as the name implies, is a gentler approach to exterior cleaning. Pressure washing is the right approach for surfaces that can handle higher water pressure. However, soft washing is a better approach for surfaces that require greater care, like your roofing.

Q. Why can't I make this a DIY project?

  • While home improvement stores do rent and sell pressure washing equipment, it's a service that's best left to professionals. Power washing can be dangerous, and without training and experience, it can result in property damage or personal injury. Plus, you'll get more thorough and consistent cleaning results.

Q. Is this safe for my roof?

  • It's good to be concerned about the integrity of your rooftop since it's the most important feature of your home. Although it depends on the type of roofing system that you have, generally, soft washing is the more appropriate technique to use. Power washing can damage shingles and details of the roof or lead to water intrusion that causes mold and rot.

Q. How does soft washing clean my exterior surfaces?

  • While pressure washing relies on the high-intensity concentration of the stream to remove dirt, soft washing is more about the cleansing process. We use safe cleaning agents to work on dirt, contaminants, and stubborn stains. Water is used for the rinsing process. Soft washing not only cleans, but it sanitizes, and that helps reduce the risk of fungus and other contaminants returning any time soon.

Q. Can pressure washing help with stains?

  • Power washing is frequently used for removing stubborn stains like rust. However, even in cases where the stains cannot be completely removed, they can at least be minimized. That means the appearance will be lessened, so it's less noticeable and stop being the focal point.

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